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Get local SEO online store with Kartrocket Online Seller App

Kartrocket online seller app creates an online store that is local SEO optimized. Local SEO optimization helps search engines provide all the information customers need about your online store via the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

 Local SEO helps search engines to find various businesses including your store as well and displays them in SERPs. Sometimes customers have half or very little information about your online store, like just a faint idea about your store location, your products, your operating hours or phone number. Local SEO gives provides them all the information they need about your physical store.

Create an online store with kartrocket online seller app that is local SEO optimized. Your customers will be able to reach you easily when they search for your store on search engines like Google. All you need to do is to enter store details like a physical address, operating hours, phone number, email address, etc when you click on the Local SEO button on your screen.

With the increase in the use of smartphones with better connectivity, Local SEO has also grown significantly over the past few years. Studies have shown that customers usually use search engines to check nearby stores for products or services they need. So having an online store that is Local SEO optimized is the need of the hour.

Download Kartrocket online seller app to discover yourself on major search engines like Google and increase your visibility. The better way to reach more people and increase sales. 

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KartRocket Online Seller Video

Kartrocket App Video:

Manage your online store on the move with Kartrocket online seller app

Kartrocket online seller app is a mobile app that creates an online store within minutes on your android mobile phone. You can create and manage an online store from anywhere with Kartrocket online seller app.
This app is loaded with features like:
Add products; You can add products into your online store with Kartrocket online seller app. Just click product images and upload them in your store. Also fill in the product details for customers, you can also map the products into categories on your mobile phone.
Process orders; You can receive orders on your mobile with kartrocket online seller app, you can also fill orders and dispatch them to your customers. Shiprocket, a product of Kartrocket is an automated shipping solution that ensures hassle free shipping.
Automated shipping: You can ship your order on the go. When an order is dispatched, a print label and an Airway Bill Number is automatically generated. This number helps you to track your products in transit.
Receive payments; With Kartrocket online seller app you can receive payments while you are anywhere. The MPOS, Mobile Point Of Sale feature of this app makes your mobile to work like a swiping machine so that you accept payments and your customers shop quickly.

Kartrocket online seller app is all you need to run and manage your online store while you are on the move. This app offers mobile responsive themes to give your customers a seem less shopping experience.

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KartRocket Online Seller Video


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Prepare Product Catalog From Kartrocket Online Seller App

All of you must be having some social media presence or the other to interact with your friends and families, right? Imagine this, you click a picture to upload on your profile on your Facebook page and share it with your friends. You add a small description telling about the picture taken and also tag your friends to get more “Likes”. Now that sounds like an easy task, doesn’t it? So what if you were told that preparing your product catalog for your e-commerce website from KartRocket Online Seller App is exactly similar, simple & easy as the above mentioned example?

Sounds fascinating? Yes, you can now easily click, upload and create your own product catalog in a jiffy with the new KartRocket Online Seller App. Now you can also publish and share your items with your customers, edit the content of your e-commerce online site and add appropriate keywords to generate more traffic on your website all from your mobile phone.

You don’t need to hone the skills of a marketing guru to figure this one out! KartRocket Online Seller App is easy to use, can help you create and manage your online store and allow you to customize your website to craft it according to your preferences from your mobile. Your mobile phone can become your online store manager with this super-app!

Get the best of KartRocket’s tools and features integrated into one single app that can help you take your online business to the next level. Now creating an online store is truly as easy as managing your social networking profile, isn’t it?

So, Download the KartRocket Online Seller App from Google Playstore for FREE. 

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Entice customers by providing more payment options with KartRocket online seller app

Get your online store ready in a fully fledged manner! Do you know that KartRocket offers multiple payment options when you deal with your customers during their check out? Do you also know that with your KartRocket Online Seller App, you can actually expand your customer base exponentially by integrating multiple payment options given to your customer? Just one single app can do wonders for your online business. Here’s how the magic happens:

Payment Gateway: Systematic, multi-currency supported, domestic and international payment capability, our free and extensive payment options combine 15 leading payment gateways like PayZippy, Citrus, Paypal, GharPay etc to provide ample flexibility to your customers.

Cash on Delivery (COD): Maximum customers, these days, prefer to use cash on delivery as a payment option and now you can engage more customers by enabling this feature on your online store.

Direct Payment Link: Does your customer have specific payment requirements? No problem, KartRocket Online Seller App enables you to generate a direct payment link which will navigate your customer to their desired payment gateway solution.

Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS): Turn your mobile phone into a credit card swiping machine! Now your customers can come to your store and pay for their purchases by simply entering their card details on your KartRocket Online Seller App enabled website. An electronic invoice will be generated and the payment made will be credited in your account directly.

Custom Kart: Do you know what your customers like? With the help of KartRocket Online Seller App you can create and customize their shopping cart for regular purchases or favorites and they can check out directly in a hassle-free manner.

If you like what KartRocket Online Seller App does then you are in for a great bargain! Generate more traffic on your website and boost your online business with this amazing mobile app.

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Easier payments, more cash with Kartrocket online seller app

After your customers have chosen what to buy and are ready to pay for your products, a slightest trouble can change their mind. So kartrocket online seller app handles your customers with utmost care at this point of time, providing them a seamless experience. A good experience leads to more sales while a bad experience might not get customers to your site again.

A good experience can be given to your customers by reducing the number of steps in the checkout process, no logins needed, and by offering them a number of payment modes to make payment for the goods they purchased.

Kartrocket online seller app has taken full care of the payment process by ensuring a hasslefree experience for you as well as your customer. It gives you a free payment gateway and offers your customers a number of ways to pay money. These modes are both online as well as offline. They are;

Online payments:  Your customers can pay for their purchases online through various options like Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Gharpay and internet banking.

Direct Payment Link: These are simple links that the customers screen that directly take your customers to the checkout screen hassle free. No more pages or steps have to be crossed to get that fortune into your business. You can even share such links on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Mobile Point of Sale:  mPOS helps you to generate sales invoice in a jiffy by checking the total amount to be paid by the customer. It can be done for both online as well as offline transactions.

Custom Cart: This cart enables you to create order as per your customer’s specification on his behalf. It is done in your store’s backend and you just need to send a payment link to your customers for making a payment.

COD:  Kartrocket online seller app offers Cash On Delivery to your customers. In case your customers don’t want to pay online, they can pay offline. It Is one of the best ways to get sales from customers who don’t trust online payments.

With a bundle of goodies, Kartrocket online seller app is all set to boost your sales. Download the app here

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How To Make An Attractive Catalog Using Kartrocket Online Seller App

A catalog is a list of all your products with details categorized into proper groups on some basis, which can be gender, age group, application, etc. A dull and improper catalog may disinterest customers, while an attractive catalog may prompt your customers to purchase your products.

You can easily create an attractive catalog with Kartrocket online seller app, this app doesn’t ask for technical knowledge.

To make your product catalog on the go with Kartrocket online seller app, click on the “products” icon on the screen. It will show your products, to add a product, click on the visible  + sign. You have to add images of the products you want to sell, click pictures from your android mobile phone and edit them as per your need.

 You can also import pictures from Facebook or your phone gallery to your online store.  After you are done with uploading the image, you have to fill in the product details.

Product name: It is the identity or the name  of the product.

Product main category : The main group to which the product is associated (e.g. Women’s clothing).

Product Subcategory : It is a smaller group within the main product group (e.g. Ethnic wear).

Price:  It is the amount of money your customer will have to pay.

 Quantity: These are the number of product pieces available for sale.

Product Description:  You have to write a few lines about your product so that your customers know product details. The product description will include the material, weight, benefits, and precautions (if any) of the product. The description should be crisp, meaningful and clear.

Product Variants:  These are the variants of the same products with a slight difference in color, size or type. You can also add variants of the product with Kartrocket online seller app.

Now click on the ADD button, and your product is added to your catalog. You can repeat the same for any number of products you want to upload and sell.

So download Kartrocket online seller app here  and click, upload and sell for free. 

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How to make more profits with KartRocket online seller app

Do you know that your own social media network can bring in more profits to your business than you can imagine? Your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are power-packed tools which are probably a bit underutilized by everyone; however, when they are put to a full-blown use, the results are nothing short of remarkable. With KartRocket Online Seller App, these features are preloaded and ready-to-use in a matter of no time!

There is no aorta of doubt when stating the fact that billions of users each day reach, connect, interact and explore on these social media networks for varied purposes. Now tapping this resourceful ocean of an opportunity will fetch your business an edge over the others in the market; especially if you are a novice or a small scale entrepreneur. KartRocket Online Seller App integrates selling over various platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while enhancing your online store in getting new customers.

There isn’t any dearth of information on how to dig this gold mine. However, here’s is how you can turn your business into a profit making venture through these online channels and with the help of KartRocket Online Seller App. You can create your own online store, click and upload pictures and descriptions on them in an SEO friendly manner (we will help you optimize your content), share your content on social media and Whatsapp while you generate more traffic and make sales.

More the reach of your website, the better are the sales. It’s a basic 2 plus 2 equals 4 math rule which applies here as well. But when you want to stand out in the crowd to make a niche for yourself in the market,  KartRocket Online Seller App is the right solution for all your business needs.

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Get Your Business on the Move with KartRocket Online Seller App

Still trying to break even in your business? Boost your sales and business growth with the new KartRocket Online Seller App. Create and manage your own web store while you enhance your productivity and visibility of your newly established brand in the market. Get an edge over your competitors with the KartRocket mobile app as you build your online store with multiple features loaded in it.

Choose from thousands of designer templates and customize the look of your online store with this mobile app by KartRocket. Enhance your business visibility by creating a brand name and an online identity for yourself. Click and upload product pictures on the go with your mobile on your online store. Its easy navigation and flexible features like integrated shipping options, affiliations with marketplaces, etc makes the KartRocket Online Seller App a steal deal for startup businesses like yours!

Also take your online store management system with you wherever you go. Edit your product catalog, upload data and descriptions, make a sale and ship your items all from your KartRocket Online Seller App. Your mobile phone can make you a smart entrepreneur so dig into the full fleged features, umpteen options, flexible payment plans and stunning user interface of this app which is designed to turn you into an online seller.

You need not be an IT professional to crack this nut as KartRocket Online Seller App comes with a super-easy-to-use interface for beginners and experts as well. Tweak around as much as you like with your online mobile app and build your store to suit your tastes and preferences. 

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Ship your products from your mobile with Kartrocket online seller app

Shipping is the backbone of your online store and shipping cost is a major factor for your customers. When your customers check their cart, they are particular about how much do they have to pay for shipping.  Research has shown that high shipping charges lead to cart abandonment.

When you create an online store with Kartrocket online seller app you get access to Shiprocket. Shiprocket is an automated shipping solution that ends your shipping hassles. So you can ship your products with a click to your customers safely. With kartrocket online seller app, your shipping charges get reduced as Shiprocket is integrated with leading courier companies in India.

 Besides  getting a free online store on the go you can even ship your orders from your android mobile phone with Kartrocket online seller app. When your customers add products to their cart and check the shipping charges, less shipping fee will be charged for their products. You are also offered free shipping sometimes with Kartrocket online seller app, this can help you boost your sales.

kartrocket online seller app offers powerful shipping in one click. You can print shipping bill, labels and also assign an Airway Bill number in one click. Airway bill number will help you to track your products when they are in transit. So you get the best of shipping with Kartrocket online seller app.

Download Kartrocket online seller app now on your android mobile phone for quicker and safer shipping of your orders.

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Earn double profits with Kartrocket online seller app marketplace listing

You might get confused sometimes whether to sell on different marketplaces or create your own online store. Your worry ends with Kartrocket online seller app. This mobile app creates an online store for free and as well as lists your products on leading marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Paytm, etc. Kartrocket online seller app is pre-integrated with many market places, so whenever you upload you upload your products in your online store, they get automatically synced with these market places.
To manage your products on various marketplaces you need to enter your marketplace ID and the password. This all can be done on your android mobile phone with Kartrocket online seller app. Your sales get increased when you sell at different marketplaces. The number of visitors on your eCommerce website is more resulting in more purchases.

So you don’t have to incur any more expenses in selling your products on leading marketplaces when you create an online store with Kartrocket online seller app. You start selling online in just a few minutes and that too for free. You also get access to leading marketplaces for selling your products with Kartrocket online seller app. Now you don’t have to choose between the two when you can sell on both of them.

So download Kartrocket online store app now and start selling online and get a bonus of selling on leading marketplaces. This is the best way to double your online sales.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Once you have a Kartrocket online store app, you can create an online store on the go. It won’t take you much time in going online through your mobile. Specially designed for Indian merchants this app is easy to use, so don’t worry if you are not a tech freak.

You can start an online store even if you have very few or limited products. You can click images of your products instantly and upload them. You can further make your own product catalog by adding product details along with the product images. This is as easy as uploading an image on your social media profile. You can also upload more and more products to your catalog anytime.

After you have made your product catalog you want your sales to increase, well with the  Kartrocket online seller app you don’t have to worry about it. This app is SEO optimized that increases traffic to your website so that your website is visited by more and more people everyday. This results in more conversions, and thus more sales. SEO also helps to increase your ecommerce website ranking. It means whenever anybody searches for products related to your website, your store will rank higher in the results. So your website visits will increase and result in increase In sales.

Al l your online selling hassles end with Kartrocket online seller app. The best thing is that all this is possible on the go. So download Kartrocket online seller app today.

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How to work Kartrocket online seller App

Become an E-commerce seller & start selling online easily with KartRocket Online Seller App. Create your KartRocket online store for free and manage it, from anywhere, anytime! Kartrocket Mobile App is the best B2B store creation & management app for Indian sellers. Checkout how KartRocket makes online selling easy for Indian sellers-

1-CLICK & UPLOAD PRODUCT EASILY: Click product images directly from mobile, edit it and upload it on your online store. You can add product details like description, SKU, name, category as well as add variants.

2-BUILD A BEAUTIFUL RESPONSIVE WEBSITE: Don’t possess technical knowledge? Create your store on beautifully designed template, especially made keeping Indian sellers in mind. The website template is responsive, which make it easy for mobile users as well to view your website.

3-HASSLE FREE AUTOMATED SHIPPING: KartRocket mobile app offers Indian sellers an automated shipping solution, Shiprocket through which you can easily deliver your products anywhere India, using the best courier company in India.

4-SHARE & SELL YOUR PRODUCTS THROUGH WHATSAPP & FACEBOOK: Sell your products directly through social channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can easily share the latest product details along with a direct payment link to suppliers and importers so that they can make quick transactions.

5-SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ON AMAZON, SNAPDEAL, SHOPCLUES ETC: Start selling online not just on your online store but also on the most popular Indian marketplaces. With KartRocket online seller app, you can automatically sync your products on the best marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal & many more websites in a few clicks.

6-ADD & MANAGE YOUR ORDERS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Managing orders become easier for Indian sellers. With KartRocket online seller app, you can not only add product, but also add and manage orders on your website. Once the order has been added, enjoy our easy shipping with one click.

7-ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS EASILY WITH FREE PAYMENT GATEWAY: With KartRocket online seller app, you can collect online payments easily as we offer free payment gateway integration. This secured payment gateway will help you accept payments through credit card, debit card and net banking. Other than this, you can also collect payments via Cash on Delivery, MPOS, direct payment link and custom cart.

8-DRIVE UNLIMITED TRAFFIC & SALES THROUGH AFFILIATE LISTING: List your products on various affiliate websites using our unique tool, Traffic IQ. Affiliate sites will provide you unlimited traffic on your website while you pay a pre-defined commission on every sale from affiliate.

9-GET DISCOVERED ON GOOGLE USING OUR LOCAL SEO TOOL: Give your store a boost in local searches. Enter your store details in the app and let your local audience find you and your physical store easily through Google.

10-START WITH ZERO INVESTMENT: Whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, supplier, importer, or just a student, you can easily start your E-commerce business and start selling online with zero investment. With KartRocket mobile app, you can easily sign up for a free store and build your free E-commerce website in just 5 minutes. You will be charged 5% flat commission on sale for every successful order.

About KartRocket:

KartRocket is India’s best E-commerce enablement platform, which helps Indian sellers to sell their products online under their own brand name. It is a complete DIY(Do-It-Yourself) platform which lets you build your online store by using pre-designed store template. You can upload your logo, banner, product and get your store ready within minutes. KartRocket is the only company in India which provides a complete E-commerce solution to the seller.

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Create an Online Store on the Go with a KartRocket Online Seller App

Are you finding ways to increase your sales? Well, you can create an online store on the go with Kartrocket online seller app and boost your sales. These days, smart phone users have drastically increased, creating ample opportunities for mobile commerce. Kartrocket online seller app has been specially made to empower Indian sellers so that they don’t have a hard time going online.

Mobile Commerce Made Easy For Indian Merchants

Kartrocket online seller app is free to download and use. You don’t need to possess any technical skills to create your online store. Even if you are a small vendor with very less knowledge, you can still be a part of the emerging m-commerce economy. You can start your own online store with Kartrocket online seller app, even if you have very less products.  Kartrocket online seller app doesn't ask for big catalogs.

You can take photos from your smart phone’s camera and upload them directly using your mobile appYou also have to add product details like color, size, quantity and price for your customers.

With KartRocket online seller app, you get a free payment gateway that enables you to accept online payments from your customers. You can increase your sales by giving your customers many options of making payment. Credit card, debit card, internet banking and cash on delivery are some of the options through which your customers can make payments.

Loaded with features, Kartrocket online seller app is the best thing you can gift to your business.

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Sell on Whatsapp with Kartrocket online seller app

 “If your products are good, they will find a market” is a gone concept.  After you create an online store with Kartrocket online seller app, your customer find your products. The leading market places are waiting for your products to be sold. So, create an online store with the Kartrocketonline seller app and start selling on leading market places. This app is pre integrated with major market places like Amazon, Shopclues, Paytm, etc. so that your products are sold immediately.

 Apart from selling on various marketplaces, you can also sell your products on Whatsapp and Facebook. Once you know your segment, try to get numbers of your prospects to sell products on Whatsapp. You can also create groups of your potential customers on Whatsapp and post a product on that group. This will make your products visible to your customers, leading to more conversion rates. You can also handle queries and complaints from your customers and  collect feedback from them. This is important to improve your products and eCommerce store.

 You can also stay connected with your followers on Twitter with the Kartrocketonline seller app. This app keeps you connected socially all the time. As most of the online shoppers use smart phones for shopping, they are socially active. So you can take an advantage and create brand awareness through Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.  Kartrocket online seller app is all geared up to increase your sales.

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Kick Start your Career as an Entrepreneur - Make Millions with your Mobile

Are you an aspiring or budding entrepreneur or a shop owner looking for feasible and hassle-free solutions to take your business online? Then try out our new KartRocket Online Seller App. While you benefit from building a brand value to your business, you can also feature your store online to attract new customers. If you are just planning to startup a new venture then you can benefit from our mobile app by getting yourself a professional online store to build your business.

You can now become an entrepreneur using the KartRocket Online Seller App. Become an online seller and create your own e commerce website from your KartRocket mobile app. You can also manage your KartRocket online store with your app on the go! While giving you seamless navigation and best features all packed in one app, KartRocket helps you generate and manage your online store in the best way for Indian sellers.

You can easily click and upload your product and add descriptions from your KartRocket Online Seller App while you build your own website with beautiful and responsive templates. You can also avail features like automated shipping for hassle-free experience from ShipRocket which has an affiliation with almost all leading courier, freight and shipment services in India. Sharing and selling on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp is now easier than ever with KartRocket mobile app which enables you to connect and sell on such platforms with buttery-smooth ease. You can also integrate your KartRocket webpage to connect with websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc and sell your products on their platforms as well.

Go get your own KartRocket Online Seller App now to enjoy more features with an excellent experience of your online store creation and management.

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