Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Entice customers by providing more payment options with KartRocket online seller app

Get your online store ready in a fully fledged manner! Do you know that KartRocket offers multiple payment options when you deal with your customers during their check out? Do you also know that with your KartRocket Online Seller App, you can actually expand your customer base exponentially by integrating multiple payment options given to your customer? Just one single app can do wonders for your online business. Here’s how the magic happens:

Payment Gateway: Systematic, multi-currency supported, domestic and international payment capability, our free and extensive payment options combine 15 leading payment gateways like PayZippy, Citrus, Paypal, GharPay etc to provide ample flexibility to your customers.

Cash on Delivery (COD): Maximum customers, these days, prefer to use cash on delivery as a payment option and now you can engage more customers by enabling this feature on your online store.

Direct Payment Link: Does your customer have specific payment requirements? No problem, KartRocket Online Seller App enables you to generate a direct payment link which will navigate your customer to their desired payment gateway solution.

Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS): Turn your mobile phone into a credit card swiping machine! Now your customers can come to your store and pay for their purchases by simply entering their card details on your KartRocket Online Seller App enabled website. An electronic invoice will be generated and the payment made will be credited in your account directly.

Custom Kart: Do you know what your customers like? With the help of KartRocket Online Seller App you can create and customize their shopping cart for regular purchases or favorites and they can check out directly in a hassle-free manner.

If you like what KartRocket Online Seller App does then you are in for a great bargain! Generate more traffic on your website and boost your online business with this amazing mobile app.

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