Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Make An Attractive Catalog Using Kartrocket Online Seller App

A catalog is a list of all your products with details categorized into proper groups on some basis, which can be gender, age group, application, etc. A dull and improper catalog may disinterest customers, while an attractive catalog may prompt your customers to purchase your products.

You can easily create an attractive catalog with Kartrocket online seller app, this app doesn’t ask for technical knowledge.

To make your product catalog on the go with Kartrocket online seller app, click on the “products” icon on the screen. It will show your products, to add a product, click on the visible  + sign. You have to add images of the products you want to sell, click pictures from your android mobile phone and edit them as per your need.

 You can also import pictures from Facebook or your phone gallery to your online store.  After you are done with uploading the image, you have to fill in the product details.

Product name: It is the identity or the name  of the product.

Product main category : The main group to which the product is associated (e.g. Women’s clothing).

Product Subcategory : It is a smaller group within the main product group (e.g. Ethnic wear).

Price:  It is the amount of money your customer will have to pay.

 Quantity: These are the number of product pieces available for sale.

Product Description:  You have to write a few lines about your product so that your customers know product details. The product description will include the material, weight, benefits, and precautions (if any) of the product. The description should be crisp, meaningful and clear.

Product Variants:  These are the variants of the same products with a slight difference in color, size or type. You can also add variants of the product with Kartrocket online seller app.

Now click on the ADD button, and your product is added to your catalog. You can repeat the same for any number of products you want to upload and sell.

So download Kartrocket online seller app here  and click, upload and sell for free. 

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