Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get local SEO online store with Kartrocket Online Seller App

Kartrocket online seller app creates an online store that is local SEO optimized. Local SEO optimization helps search engines provide all the information customers need about your online store via the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

 Local SEO helps search engines to find various businesses including your store as well and displays them in SERPs. Sometimes customers have half or very little information about your online store, like just a faint idea about your store location, your products, your operating hours or phone number. Local SEO gives provides them all the information they need about your physical store.

Create an online store with kartrocket online seller app that is local SEO optimized. Your customers will be able to reach you easily when they search for your store on search engines like Google. All you need to do is to enter store details like a physical address, operating hours, phone number, email address, etc when you click on the Local SEO button on your screen.

With the increase in the use of smartphones with better connectivity, Local SEO has also grown significantly over the past few years. Studies have shown that customers usually use search engines to check nearby stores for products or services they need. So having an online store that is Local SEO optimized is the need of the hour.

Download Kartrocket online seller app to discover yourself on major search engines like Google and increase your visibility. The better way to reach more people and increase sales. 

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