Sunday, April 19, 2015


Once you have a Kartrocket online store app, you can create an online store on the go. It won’t take you much time in going online through your mobile. Specially designed for Indian merchants this app is easy to use, so don’t worry if you are not a tech freak.

You can start an online store even if you have very few or limited products. You can click images of your products instantly and upload them. You can further make your own product catalog by adding product details along with the product images. This is as easy as uploading an image on your social media profile. You can also upload more and more products to your catalog anytime.

After you have made your product catalog you want your sales to increase, well with the  Kartrocket online seller app you don’t have to worry about it. This app is SEO optimized that increases traffic to your website so that your website is visited by more and more people everyday. This results in more conversions, and thus more sales. SEO also helps to increase your ecommerce website ranking. It means whenever anybody searches for products related to your website, your store will rank higher in the results. So your website visits will increase and result in increase In sales.

Al l your online selling hassles end with Kartrocket online seller app. The best thing is that all this is possible on the go. So download Kartrocket online seller app today.

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